We are committed to providing a highly professional service to children, adolescents and adults in Strathalbyn and surrounding areas.
Human Suffering is universal, yet the way through that for each person is unique.
We will work with you to find your own path to an improved quality of life.
We will continue our own journey of learning, ensuring we are providing the best evidence-based practice.




Principal Clinician and Practice Owner
Toni decided at age 16 that she wanted to be a social worker. This has never changed, despite her encountering some challenging situations and settings along the way. Her passion for helping people to see themselves positively and live the lives they want has stayed strong.
Toni has been in senior government and non-government clinical roles for many years, but after becoming a mum, found that working as a self employed clinical social worker was a better balance. She became an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker in 2009, and in 2019 she also completed the requirements to become an Accredited Clinical Social Worker.
She moved to Strathalbyn in 2014 and moved her practice here from Adelaide. Since then, she has continued to focus on delivering services to her clients with a strong commitment to ongoing professional development.
Toni spends many hours giving back to the fields of counselling, social work, and behavioural science, both nationally and internationally. Toni is a current board member of ANZ ACBS, and prior to that was a board member of ACBS Social Work SIG for 2 years. Her voluntary work gives her access to high quality international networks and resources in the field of behavioural science, as she regularly contributes her time and expertise to increase the dissemination and promotion of evidence-based science to alleviate human suffering.
Toni is a supervisor to other clinical and mental health social workers across Australia and has hosted student placements for both Flinders University and Uni SA. Her last student has now joined the practice as she meets the high standards set for our services.
Toni has a love of kids – both young and old, animals, nature, arts and creativity, laughter and silliness, and is happy to be a completely imperfect human being. She is always curious about people and their lives, why they do the things they do; and gains great satisfaction from being a part of their path to wellbeing.
Toni has worked in many areas- and now her interests are working with women of all ages, mums and dads, adolescents and ‘pre-teens’. She is also planning to launch some group programs this year for parents and other clinicians.


Sue is an Accredited Social Worker (MAASW), who joined the team at Strathalbyn Counselling Service in 2020 after completing her Bachelor of Social Work degree at the University of South Australia. Sue completed a clinical placement of 500 hours here at Strathalbyn Counselling Services after her completing an initial clinical placement of 500 hours with Child and Family Services in Murray Bridge. Encompassing both social work knowledge and considerable life experiences, Sue has a passion for the field of social work and thrives on being able to assist clients on their journey. Sue is a volunteer at her children’s school and loves being able to give back to the community. Supporting clients experiencing many issues such as anxiety, depression and stress, Sue has an interest in mental health, working with children, adolescents, women and families, and a special interest in working with clients diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Under the direct supervision of Toni Hanna, Sue is currently working towards her mental health accreditation through her continued clinical work and professional development at Strathalbyn Counselling Services. Sue is also pursuing qualifications in play therapy, to support her work with children.


Jodie is the Practice Manager for the Strathalbyn Counselling Service. She has been in this role for about 7 years, and together Toni and Jodie have grown the practice from a one room practice into what it is today. Jodie’s background has been everything from hospitality to retail and as well as being here she also work as a Senior Medical Receptionist. Jodie loves the combination of the two roles, it helps to maintain continuity of care with a sound understanding of the mental health system and all the different pathways. For the past 3 years, Jodie has added to her role working with the NDIS system; undertaking training and collaborating with others in the region. Jodie is committed to helping our clients and their families to navigate the NDIS to access what they need. Jodie is passionate about what Strathalbyn Counselling Services offer, and strongly believes in making sure that clients will always receive the most appropriate and best service available. Call us now for more information or to book your appointment – telephone 0457594897


Luka joined the Strathalbyn Counselling team in 2020.  Animals assist many people to feel calmer and more connected. Luka’s job is to help children and adults to feel less anxious in sessions. Luka is still in training but has a gentle and sociable nature. You can request Luka to be in your session; just let Jodie know.

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