The Acceptance Project

The Strathalbyn Counselling Service is the home of The Acceptance Project – An innovative therapeutic program aimed at supporting young people to develop friendships, a sense of confidence and belonging. The program is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and works by helping people to improve their resilience as they overcome barriers to fulfillment.

There is limited options to join The Acceptance Project from time to time; The numbers are kept low as this is a highly individualized program.

Please contact to discuss your young persons requirements and availability to join The Acceptance Project.

(Please note preference is given to clients of the service as TAP works by integrating individual and group therapy.

Ages are from 8-18

What’s the Buzz

The Strathalbyn Counselling Service offers a What’s the Buzz program for primary school aged students run by two qualified therapists.

Using Mark Le Messurier and Madhavi Nawana Parker’s wonderful work and adding it to the unique approach gained from years of training and experience. Your Child will be well assisted in a calm and friendly environment to learn the skills they need to develop and grow in a resilient way. This program consistent with the therapy and other group run by the Strathalbyn Counselling Service.

Mindfulness Awareness Parenting

Toni trained in this program nearly 10 years ago with the developer, South Australian psychologist- Dr Rebecca Coleman. Toni later received individualized training from Dr Coleman to increase her capacity to offer this program, originally developed to support and educate parents of 0-5 year olds to parents of children up to the age of 18. The MAP program is based on neurobiology, attachment and mindfulness. It aims to help parents build a strong bond and understanding of their child, while learning to treat themselves with self-compassion. The program has received international recognition by the founder of self-compassion – Dr Kristin Neff.

Please contact us if you would like more information on any of these groups.