toni hanna

Act supervisor, trainer & consultant


The Journey to Here

I started my involvement in social work and counselling in 1987. My career has been rich and rewarding – I have been fortunate to work in a wide variety of settings. I was always drawn to therapies that focussed on strengths, people’s potential and had a holistic approach. I’ve had a strong commitment to being up to date with my knowledge and skills in counselling and therapy. I’ve assessed and treated thousands of clients in that time – in government, non-government organisations, and in private practice. I’ve worked in metropolitan areas, in rural and remote areas of Australia. I have provided training to other health professionals in a variety of settings since 1995.

In 2009, I attended my first ACT workshop. I immediately saw the connection between the social work approach I’d been using in my counselling for years -and this wonderfully cohesive way of working with issues like anxiety and depression.

Since that first workshop, I have attended or undertaken hundreds of hours of training, supervision and self-directed learning in ACT. I’ve used it as my primary therapeutic approach with many issues – including relationship counselling, working with autism, trauma, grief, anxiety and depression, and stress related to workplace issues. I’ve also developed 2 ACT training programs – one for Indigenous employees , and the other for injured workers.

The more I learn about ACT and other contextual behavioural approaches, the more enthusiastic I am about how powerful they can be in changing people’s lives. I’m also passionate about the connection to social work and how much of a natural fit this is to the broader outlook of our profession – think about the word ‘context’ .

Strathalbyn Counselling Practice has grown from operating out of a spare room in my house, to a thriving practice with additional passionate therapists Naomi and Veronica and a powerhouse Practice Manager Jodie.



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